Shoreham BeachBox will be an all year round landmark seafront dining destination and community space on Shoreham Beach.

We are absolutely delighted to have given planning permission and a provisional statement for a licensed premise for Shoreham BeachBox.

We’d like to thank all members of the local community for their valuable input throughout the consultation process and we want to reassure everyone who commented that we will continue to listen to their views.

We remain really excited in delivering this project and we’re confident that our plans will transform this site into a scheme at the heart of the Shoreham Beach community.

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An outstanding opportunity to acquire a landmark beachfront cafe/restaurant with flexible lower ground floor unit on the south coast by award winning developer

Providing a high quality local community space and all day beach facility; a new home for Shoreham events and organisations

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Committed to keeping the green a green; working with the local community to ensure it is fully managed and maintained and supporting the regular programme of community events

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Proposed plans


We worked hard in our design process with the local community and please see the FAQs below, responses to the questions posed to the development team from our online events held on 23rd June, our statement of community involvement and conditions and plans for our provisional statement for a licensed premise to see how we have adapted our plans in response to feedback.


Why are you doing this and how did you get permission to start this development?

The redevelopment of the Shoreham toilet block has been a strategic priority for Adur & Worthing Council to significantly upgrade the quality of the facilities and provide a brand new, high quality and well managed community and cafe space on the Shoreham beachfront. Adur District Council put the site out for tender in spring 2017. After the announcement of BeachBox Developments Ltd (BDL) as the preferred developer, A&W and BDL agreed the leasing terms in March 2019. Planning permission for the scheme was granted in October 2019.

Who are BeachBox Developments Ltd?

BeachBox Developments Ltd is a locally based internationally renowned retail developer. Having previously built three award winning developments in London, the Shoreham BeachBox scheme is the first new development of an entirely new venture by the founder of BOXPARK and very different in scale, nature and operation to the previous business. Whilst we will bring our expertise in designing, building and curating award-winning developments, BDL is a wholly separate company and BOXPARK will not be involved in any form in this new development.

Who will run the café and community space?

Our vision for BeachBox is an all year-round beachfront café/restaurant. We have been inspired by the best of beachfront operations across the UK such as Porthminster Beach Café and The Cracking Crab Beach café and we love what local operators like Big Beach Café, West Beach Café, Ginger & Dobbs and Perch have done locally with the community. We have already had some strong interest for the site from some great operators and we can’t wait to start these conversations.

What are the opening hours likely to be?

In order to be able to attract the right kind of operator who has the expertise and talent to match our vision, deliver a high quality, all day offer and to operate as successfully in the winter as well as the summer we need to ensure we have in place all conditions for them to thrive. We have looked closely at how and why great beachfront cafes have succeeded and trading the right menu flexibly throughout the day and evening is a key factor. Therefore, we have secured standard restaurant opening hours to provide a maximum opening window of 7am - 11pm (10pm on Sunday). The operator will then choose, within this period, when they will open and operate to deliver the most vibrant and appropriate scheme for Shoreham.

How will the community space operate?

The development includes a multi-purpose space at lower ground floor which will be available for community hire and to host events and activities. We are currently talking to several potential operators and once we have appointed the operator, we will be working with local groups to help shape how we deliver and manage this space best.

What’s happening to the toilets and access road?

We will be re-providing upgraded and managed public toilet facilities within the new scheme, accessible from the beach. In addition, we will be providing clean drinking water supplies and subject to planning external beach showers and water tap too.  Both the toilets and access road will remain open for Beach hut owners in the new development

Where will our customers park?

We do not have permission for onsite parking or along the access road but there is an existing public car park car park c100m from the site with capacity for c250 cars with a maximum daily charge of £4. As a sustainable developer we will be doing all we can to promote walking cycling and alternative methods of transport to the site and 27 cycle stands will also be provided with the development.

How will deliveries be made and rubbish be managed?

As part of the development works, the existing bus stop layby to the north of the site will be extended and the footpath widened to provide a delivery and servicing bay and access road for the development. A bin store including different recycling streams is to be provided for operational use and we will require that the tenant will manage our impact on the green and local area by providing appropriate wind and bird proof external litter bins externally.

What will be the impact on the local nature reserve on the beach?

We are really committed to making sure we help the nature reserve continues to thrive alongside us. The site area of the proposal is separated from the local nature reserve to the south by the road/ cycle route to the south of the green and whilst BDL cannot make alterations to the land to the south, we will work with the Council to find solutions that minimise pedestrian impact on the local nature reserve. Our site does not include any of the access road or the shingle to the beach.

How have you arrived at the proposed building size?

The proposed building comprises of a lower ground floor of community space and public toilets. The ground floor will be a café/ restaurant and a roof terrace. We have worked extensively with the Adur District Council planning team and councillors to design the scheme in keeping with the Local plan and related documents, including the emerging Neighbourhood Plan, to achieve local aspirations for the site. The proposed height of the building is driven by the desire to allow people views of the sea to the south and to the Adur and the downs to the north as well as to avoid unauthorised access up to the roof terrace when the restaurant is closed. The depth of the building allows direct level access from the Green to the lower ground floor and from the cycle route/ service road to the upper ground floor.

Why have you proposed the external materials shown? 

BDL are very proud to have won a number of major design awards, including RIBA, REVO and NLA awards, and we are just as excited to delivering an appropriate, memorable and exciting scheme here at Shoreham Beach Green. Our key design principals are to deliver a high quality building that would be durable, long lasting, and able to withstand the severe marine environment.

The lower ground floor is proposed as concrete walls with Cor-Ten type weathering steel cladding to the upper ground floor. Few materials endure the test of time and rugged conditions like COR-TEN steel and Concrete. Referred to more commonly as Weathering Steel, the oxidized steel alloy does away with the necessity of paint and is perfect for low-maintenance surfaces and exteriors of buildings set in harsh climatic conditions. See for more information.

The roof level enclosures are to be clad in Corten mesh, relating to the upper ground floor, but visually lighter. Shoreham also has strong connections with the Steel and concrete industries with major companies like Parker Steel, Hanson and Dudman based in Shoreham.

Will the building cause light pollution?

All lighting within this development is designed to have as low an impact on the local environment as possible. External lighting will be provided for illuminating customer areas and for security only and external lighting is to be directed at the ground from above, to minimise light pollution.

Is the weathering steel finish proposed for the upper floors durable and robust?

Materials generally in the marine environment are subject to severe exposure and will require on -going maintenance and repair whether the finish is painted timber, render, Corten or even brickwork. We have been exploring at length the specifics around Corten and in particular it’s performance by the coast.

To improve the durability of the proposed Corten in a marine environment, we have proposed the following:

  1. The thickness of the cladding will take into account potentially higher rates of weathering.
  2. The cladding panels are to be installed pre-aged, so that the protective patina has already formed, reducing the risk of accelerated weathering.
  3. The cladding panels are to have a sealant applied to protect the finish and reduce run off.

We are working with specialist suppliers and contractors who have extensive experience of using this material, both in coastal and inland locations and are prepared to issue warranties for their products in this particular location.

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